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Pierre Alferi & Tom Raworth (Londres, UK)

mardi 17 janvier 2006 (Date de rédaction antérieure : 13 juin 2024).

Double Change, Barque Press et l’Institut Culturel Français de Londres vous invitent à une lecture de poésie le mardi 17 janvier 2006 :

Poetry Reading
Pierre Alferi and Tom Raworth
6.30 pm / In French and in English / Cinema

Both poets have performed with musicians, painters and other poets. hey will appear together for an exclusive bilingual reading interspersed with short film screenings by Pierre Alferi. As part of the performance, Tom Raworth will also read his own translations of Pierre Alferi and the other way round.

Pierre Alferi, born in 1963, is among the most innovative French writers and poets. Among others, he published *Allures Naturelles* (POL, 1991), *Kub Or* (POL, 1994) and more recently, *La Voie des airs* (POL, 2004). Two of his books are translated : Oxo, (Burning Deck), and Natural Gaits (Sun and Moon). He co-directed the Revue Générale de Littérature with Olivier Cadiot and Suzanne Doppelt. He translated Tom Raworth as well as Giorgio Agamben and Meyer Schapiro.
Besides being a poet and a translator, he is also a film-maker. Ten of his films were edited in a dvd, *Cinépoèmes & films parlants* (Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, 2003). In 2003, his essays on cinema were collected in *Le cinéma des familles* (POL, 1999). He is also the author of a book on William of Ockham (Guillaume d’Ockham, le singulier, Minuit, 1989).

Tom Raworth, born in London in 1938, is one of the major British poets
alive. He has published more than 40 books and pamphlets of poetry, prose and translations. His *Collected Poems* were published by Carcanet in 2003. Tom Raworth has given readings and performances in the US and in France where he has been translated by Pierre Alferi, Jacques Roubaud, Marie Borel and Catherine Weinzapflen. He is also a painter and makes witty and politically charged collages. For more information log on

Organised in partnership with Double Change ( and The Barque Press reading series (

Admission free
Reservation recommended

At Institut Français
17 Queensberry Place
South Kensington
London SW7 2DT
T. 020 7073 1350

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